Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pushing Hiram's Honor: Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Boston, New England trip

I visited Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Boston, and New England where I talked about my book Hiram's Honor. People were very friendly and I am hopeful that the book will catch on in those areas, especially Gettysburg where Hiram was captured July 1, 1863.

Next I went to Mansfield, Ohio, my (and Hiram's) hometown for a book signing at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore (photo at right). I did a TV interview (see, saw many of my old classmates, and sold 14 books.

Next, I go to Kenton, Ohio, the town where the 82nd Ohio was formed and trained at Camp Simon Kenton. I almost feel like I am bringing Private Terman home again. I look forward to a grand time.