Friday, December 11, 2009

Kent Dorr Contacts Me

Kent Dorr of the McLaughlin Camp 12, SUVCW, Mansfield, Ohio contacted me and said he had visited Hiram Terman's grave site (see photo) in Rome, Ohio which led him to order and read Hiram's Honor.   His kind comments about the book "bringing these soldiers to life" is very gratifying.  It is the main reason I wrote Hiram's Honor.  Thanks Kent. 

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hiram's Honor at Civil War Center in Richmond

While retracing Private Terman's steps through the Civil War we visited Belle Island in the James River (see photo of river above) where Hiram was kept as a prisoner of war from July through February 1863-64.  Belle Island was a very special place for us and I am very pleased to report that the nearby American Civil War Center (see Lincoln statue photo above) in Richmond ( will be selling Hiram's Honor.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Presentation at Tabor College

I presented a powerpoint talk to the Learning in Retirement group at Tabor College (see Tabor College photo to right). Several in the audience informed me about their ancestors in the Civil War. The group was very complimentary and many expressed their appreciation for writing a book of this sort that expresses what it might have been like to be in that catyclysmic conflict.
Following this, I gave a presentation to the Marion, Ks seniors and about ten out of 5o had Civil War ancestors and were very interested in the way Hiram's Honor portrayed the Civil War experience.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reviews of Hiram's Honor at Amazon. com

Rev. Dennis Rinehart, a best friend of mine and an inspiration for the character of Isaiah in Hiram's Honor, has a very insightful review of Hiram's Honor on the Amazon site. Thanks Dennis.

Ken Wyatt, a retired journalist, wrote a nice review of Hiram's Honor and posted it on Amazon. Ken is from Jackson, Michigan, a town near to Spring Arbor University where I went to school and where we have many family members. Thanks Ken for this special and well crafted review.

You can see these reviews by searching Hiram's Honor and scrolling down to the reviews section.

I just learned of a comprehensive CD on the Civil War available at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review of Hiram's Honor

The Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal has posted a review of Hiram's Honor at Authored by Dan Reigle, it is a very well written piece that touches very close to the heart of my book, so much that my spine tingles when I read it. Very much appreciated!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home again from the Hiram's Honor book tour

The book signing of Hiram's Honor in Kenton, Ohio went great. Many folks from the area stopped by, bought books and DVD's, and we had many great conversations about the 82nd Ohio, ancestors, and the writing of Hiram's Honor. The appearance of the Ohio 4th Civil War re-enactors (photo, family on right) and Tim "Jacob Parrott" Striker (photo, 5th from left) added much to the atmosphere as did a surprise visit from Betty Resch and her family. Betty is the great-granddaughter of Delano Morey, who received the Medal of Honor during the Civil War for capturing two Confederates on the slopes of Bull Pasture Mountain during the Battle of McDowell in Virginia, Hiram's first battle.

Richard Fink, historian of the 82nd Ohio in Kenton, also found and showed me an officer's petition with the signature of Private Hiram Terman on it (see image to right). The petition was signed by my ancestor in Moorefield, Virginia before the Battle of McDowell. This signature reveals his educational level and matches well with how I portrayed Private Terman in
Hiram's Honor.

This was quite an experience and was a great "launching" of Hiram's Honor. Many thanks to Linda Iams and Richard Fink (far left in the photo), and others for a great time in Kenton! 

I am also happy to report that the Hardin County Historical Museum is now selling Hiram's Honor.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pushing Hiram's Honor: Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Boston, New England trip

I visited Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Boston, and New England where I talked about my book Hiram's Honor. People were very friendly and I am hopeful that the book will catch on in those areas, especially Gettysburg where Hiram was captured July 1, 1863.

Next I went to Mansfield, Ohio, my (and Hiram's) hometown for a book signing at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore (photo at right). I did a TV interview (see, saw many of my old classmates, and sold 14 books.

Next, I go to Kenton, Ohio, the town where the 82nd Ohio was formed and trained at Camp Simon Kenton. I almost feel like I am bringing Private Terman home again. I look forward to a grand time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Civil War book

In this unique, historically-accurate novel based on the first-person experiences of his ancestor in the Civil War, Dr. Max Terman takes us back in time to Second Bull Run, Gettysburg, Belle Island prison, and Andersonville. You'll walk with Private Hiram Terman, a sensitive yet dutiful soldier, his two friends--the secular, cunning yet emotional Seth and the religious, unswerving Isaiah as they experience marches, camp-life, battles, capture, and prison camps. Also encountered are struggling generals, desperate civilians, ruthless fellow prisoners, and enemy soldiers, some mean and heartless, others kindly. Based on actual eyewitness accounts and real events, this is a story you'll never forget, a fitting tribute to the upcoming 150 year anniversary of the American Civil War.

I am pleased to report that Hiram's Honor is available now at Andersonville National Historic Site (see photo above) where Private Hiram Terman was a prisoner of war from February 1863 to September 1864.

The book, printed by Lightning Source Incorporated, is available through booksellers worldwide such as Ingram Book Company, Spring Arbor, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, NACSCORP and The Canadian distribution partners of Lightning Source are and and the UK partners include Bertrams, Gardners Books, Blackwell’s Library Services, Coutts and Dawson, Holt Jackson, Paperback Bookshop, The Book Depository and, Holt Jackson, Paperback Bookshop, The Book Depository and

and have a look inside the book. 

Visit to see a short video on the book.