Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Met Abraham Lincoln in Florida

While in Florida I met Abraham Lincoln impersonator Chet Damron.  We talked about Lincoln's personality and the effect he had on soldiers.  My ancestor Private Hiram Terman saw President Lincoln in person on April 9, 1863 at a review of the army near Stafford Virginia just before the battle of Chancellorsville.  Many soldiers expressed how the review and seeing Abe Lincoln gave them new hope and confidence.  I put this in Hiram's Honor.  I felt a little of what my ancestor might have experienced as I talked to "old Abe" in person so to speak. For free chapters to explore in Hiram's Honor, see     Gettysburg   Andersonville Prison   Belle Island Prison

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Feeling for the Old South

A visit to Eden Gardens State Park near Panama City Florida brought feelings of the Old South to me as I walked the plantation-like grounds and took in the columned porches of the large house.  I was in the area for a book event at near Seaside Florida at Sundog Books.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Traveling Back in Time--New Book Review


I appreciate a new book review of Hiram's Honor by The Civil War Notebook blog.  It opens with "It is the dream of most genealogists to travel backwards in time and interview their ancestors.  I suspect Civil War reenactors share a like dream of traveling through time to experience the life of a Civil War soldier as it really happened.  In his novel, “Hiram’s Honor,” Dr. Terman, a retired zoology professor, relives the horrors of the Civil War through the eyes of his great uncle, Hiram Terman, a private in Company F of the 82nd Ohio Infantry."The complete review can be seen at