Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vicksburg Murals Sultana Story

 Max Terman pointing to one of the Andersonville Sultana prisoners of war, Old Courthouse Museum in Vicksburg, Ms.

As astute readers of Hiram's Honor will note, one of the 82nd Ohio Andersonville prisoners is left behind only to face the horrors of the Sultana which exploded on the Mississippi River killing most of the people on the overcrowded steamer!  This story of an Andersonville-Sultana survivor is the subject of my next book and we were thrilled to see a mural of prisoners of war boarding the Sultana at Vicksburg.  The mural is part of a wall of paintings along the river front in Vicksburg.  We also visited with historians at Vicksburg Military Park and at the Old Courthouse Museum in downtown Vicksburg where we learned much about this tragic but surprisingly little known story of the Sultana.