Friday, December 12, 2014

Hiram's Hope at Wichita Civil War Round Table

I recently had the pleasure of addressing the Wichita (Kansas) Civil War Round Table about Hiram's Hope:  The Return of Isaiah.  Much of the discussion centered around Civil War soldiers and how they coped with life after returning home. For many, the war (and prison experiences) remained with them throughout their lives, impacting their abiltiy to work, relationships with friends and family, and all aspects of their daily existence. Several weeks after the meeting, one of the attendees notified me that he had read Hiram's Hope and offerred the following comments:

"When I read a book and find that I cannot put it down, cannot quit thinking about it and finish it in a few days, then I feel that the book is a winner. Hiram's Hope was just such a book for me."
----Duane Graham, Wichita Civil War Round Table

Monday, December 1, 2014