Saturday, December 15, 2012

Andersonville Civil War Prison by Robert Scott Davis

Sketch of Andersonville Prison

I have just finished reading Robert Scott Davis Andersonville Civil War Prison published by The History Press.  I was searching for information on the life spans of Andersonville survivors and for what happened during the last days of the prison for my sequel to Hiram's Honor.  I found the book to have an air of authority as the author is a college professor and researcher.  According to a source in this book, less that 1000 Andersonville survivors lived past 1890.  This makes the survival of Private Hiram Terman especially noteworthy.  He was one of the first prisoners in (July 1863) and one of the last out (January 1865) and yet lived until 1926--remarkable!  To read an account of the conditions at Andersonville by Isaiah White, Confederate surgeon, see this primary source. Also above is a monument in Andersonville village for Henry Wirz and a close-up of one of the inscriptions.  Quite a story here--I hope I can capture some more of it in my sequel. To read the present Andersonville chapter in Hiram's Honor, click Andersonville chapter Hiram's Honor