Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home again from the Hiram's Honor book tour

The book signing of Hiram's Honor in Kenton, Ohio went great. Many folks from the area stopped by, bought books and DVD's, and we had many great conversations about the 82nd Ohio, ancestors, and the writing of Hiram's Honor. The appearance of the Ohio 4th Civil War re-enactors (photo, family on right) and Tim "Jacob Parrott" Striker (photo, 5th from left) added much to the atmosphere as did a surprise visit from Betty Resch and her family. Betty is the great-granddaughter of Delano Morey, who received the Medal of Honor during the Civil War for capturing two Confederates on the slopes of Bull Pasture Mountain during the Battle of McDowell in Virginia, Hiram's first battle.

Richard Fink, historian of the 82nd Ohio in Kenton, also found and showed me an officer's petition with the signature of Private Hiram Terman on it (see image to right). The petition was signed by my ancestor in Moorefield, Virginia before the Battle of McDowell. This signature reveals his educational level and matches well with how I portrayed Private Terman in
Hiram's Honor.

This was quite an experience and was a great "launching" of Hiram's Honor. Many thanks to Linda Iams and Richard Fink (far left in the photo), and others for a great time in Kenton! 

I am also happy to report that the Hardin County Historical Museum is now selling Hiram's Honor.


  1. It was a great day at the Museum. I am always so nervous before an event, wondering if anyone will show up. I need not have worried, it was amazing. Many thanks to Max and his wife, Jan for being here.

  2. It was our pleasure and we look forward to visiting again sometime. Kenton, Ohio is a special place.